I remade my blog. If you want the url please message me.

Or just like this post and I’ll message it to you.

I remade my blog. If you want the url please message me.

Oh right I still have a blog.

Hi. How are you guys? Imma remake now. Hope you guys are all doing ok. 


Anonymous asked: Leslie! It's Castro! I couldn't find you on facebook and I don't have your number but I remembered. Tumblr. So gimme you info! Scheen asked for it too.

CASTRO! Why’d you go anon dummy, I wanted to private message you my phone info.

Sorry I didn’t answer this earlier, I’ve been in doctor’s offices and hospitals a lot this week. Actually, I am right now. But anyways I’ll definitely go add everyone while I have a bit of free time. 

But yeah, check it. Combat boots, hospital scrubs, and dinosaur bandages over my IV. It’s like the dumbest picture ever and I’m a dork.

Also I met someone I follow on Tumblr in the Air Force. I was like are you freaking serious, I KNOW YOU. We were just exchanging info and bam, someone I know online. Amazing how things go that way.


Holy crap. I’ve been gone for 3 months. (And I only lost 3 followers? Awesome.)

So, in a nutshell, the Air Force is cutting a lot of people, and I was one of them. Unfortunate, but I’m having some health issues right now that disqualified me. Of course I’m going to re-enlist in 6 months, but it means I have to go through basic training again and all that jazz. 

So yeah how are you guys? What’d I miss?

Leaving for a bit.

Hey guys I’m leaving for the Air Force! I won’t have internet for awhile, but I’m keeping my blog up. 

I’ll probably lose most of my followers but hey, it happens. 

Why did I even watch VGX

I knew it was going to be absolutely awful. Yet I watched it anyways. 

Got my first phone today! I have no idea how I made it as an adult for so long without one. 

Setting it up now, so excited! (I need to think of a name for it. It wants a name oh crap.)

Crying over that oh my god why didn’t they do that

Maybe because it was a bit too intense for kids? When I went to see it, younger kids were already getting upset over that scene and going further than that might have been too much. They might have thought she actually died if she shattered and Elsa putting her sister back together is a bit morbid. That’s the only reason I can really think of.